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In her corporate career, Gladys often felt like she had to fit into a specific box, specifically at work. In the office, she was quiet, sometimes reserved, blending in corporate-style, and not really knowing how to use her voice. As a result, she was virtually invisible to her colleagues. Sometimes it felt like living in two different personas: “Gladys in the office” and “Gladys outside of the office”. 

About Gladys Simen, Founder of My Life Couch

Gladys Simen is a life coach dedicated to helping Moms working in corporate uncover their native genius and master career and motherhood with ease. For Gladys, becoming a mother was a turning point that helped her embrace her true self and connect with her authentic voice.

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Becoming a mother was the wake-up call Gladys needed. She realized that the responsibility for being treated poorly, struggling to be seen and heard, lay not on her colleagues, but entirely on her.

Becoming a mother made this crystal clear. Even her 4 year-old son saw the truth: when Gladys went back to work after taking a sabbatical, he lamented how much he missed the "old mom". It was time to stop putting herself in a 

box and show her kids an example of authentic living. She knew she needed to start using her voice and own the way people treat her. Today, Gladys lives an authentic life, free to be herself and to use her own voice. She

launched her coaching business "My Life Couch" where she holds space for working mothers. Gladys welcomes these women onto her virtual couch to discover how the can live boldly and authentically. Her natural talent for seeing the

potential in every person helps women transform their lives: from career to relationships by uncovering dormant superpowers. When she is not coaching, she enjoys time with her husband and fabulous duo in Toronto, Canada. And, she's a working mom.

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