Are You Running on Empty Batteries?

Life and Career Coaching for Working Mothers

1st Pillar: Foundation Step
Vision (from confusion to clarity)
What do you bring to that goal (your values) (from invisible to unmissable)
Purpose (from insignificant to impactful) 

2nd Pillar: Enquiry 
Habit and behavior (from autopilot to intentional)
Limiting beliefs (from self-critic to your own best cheerleader)
Accountability partner (from running solo to running together) 

3rd Pillar: Follow Through
What are you prepared to change (from stagnant to flowing)
Unique Value proposition / Your Magic Souse (from average to inner genius)
Act. Commitment. Contract to Yourself. The Map of You

Go From Depleted to Fully Charged in 6 weeks with My Life Couch Program.

Motivation comes from within — and I’m here to help you activate it.


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As a working mother, you have more responsibilities, but you also have dormant skills and talents to help you stay on top of that ever-growing list. Motherhood offers a new challenge but also a completely new super-power. You just have to learn to tap into that. It’s time to leave that go-getter perfectionist behind and learn to operate differently. You already have the power you need within you. A talent, a special skill, something to help you keep up with all the craze, in a way that’s true to you.

I know how you feel because I’ve been there. Before becoming a mother, I moved continents, jumped on planes, was always there for my office colleagues. I took every new project with ambition. At first, I looked at motherhood in the same way - another project that I would tackle with my go-getter attitude. Turned out, motherhood was the biggest personal development training I needed to go through to bring my truest self to the office and at home. 

My Life Couch is a safe and confidential space that is set up just for you. You can unburden yourself knowing you'll be heard, and you will always find encouragement to face the next day, be it a birthday for 20 toddlers or a board meeting.

I'll be the personal cheerleader, the 'nudging-you-out-of-your ' kinda girl, and promise to find ways to stretch you and get you ready for whatever is next for you.

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