How to Approach a Career Leap

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Are you thinking about a career leap ? Exciting ! Or maybe terrifying ?

An important part of the My Life Couch platform is professional development , movement and success- all framed around the unique challenges and opportunities that women face in the workforce.

It’s rarely talked about , but women need to be more strategic than men when it comes to careers and financial planning. Here’s why:

  • There is still a wage gap between men’s salaries and women’s

  • When we take time off for having or raising children , we see a decrease in current income and a decrease in our retirement contribution at the same time.

  • On average , we live longer than men , which can mean a variety of things ! At the very least , our savings need to be more extensive.

But we are not just a paycheque! Our careers are also about our passions, our talents, our experience,our education, and our commitments outside of work.

What Do You Want, Really Really Want ?

A job can have a lot of “nice to haves” but what are your “must haves”? My Life Couch often work alongside women to identify their career goals . I have seen a lot of women that are in roles that don’t serve them at all, but they’re just not used to thinking about what they truly want! ( That’s OK, once we get going , it’s always a fun and surprising journey of learning what really matters !)

Some of the more obvious considerations include salary, position , hours and benefits . What about lifestyle? A career where you can meet your own needs? A position that is meaningful to you personally ?

Stay or Go?

If you see indications that you’ve reached the limit of what you can accomplish in your current position, you might need a different challenge. If you have decided it’s time or a change , it may not require changing companies. Explore what may be available within the organization. Of course , this apply if you are happy with the organisation in general , but just not with your current role.

Talk to HR, your manager, other people in the organisation or in the role/department that interest you . Expand your network , but more importantly create an “elevator pitch “ like for you , so you can guide people that are able to help towards the right direction for you.

Meeting the Market

Whether you are looking for a position in a corporation or starting your own business , it’s important to look at the unique value you offer, and how this value translates into the market’s needs.This is part of building your personal brand , and I highly recommend revisiting this area ( your unique selling points and transferable skills ) often so it’s always crystal clear what you are to offer to your new challenge, role or how you can reshape your current role.

Sometimes this takes a little creativity and problem solving . I find that women are exceptionally innovative in the ways they present their talents and skills to companies and clients in a way that compels them to buy in. In one example, a women used poetry to weave together her professional prowess and the direction she wanted to go next. Another one wrote a song – Only recommended if you don’t have a crappy voice like I do .. ) . Explore different ways you could stand out and be memorable and don’t hesitate to be uber creative.

Take Your Time

A career leap is a little like dating. You might find a great match early on, and the transition is full of rainbows and sparkles. But it’s a lot more likely that you’ll need some time to sort through what you want, what you will give, and how you’ll navigate the transition.

Take your time . This is about finding fulfilment and enjoying your job in the near future, and it’s about the implications for your retirement.

If you need a professional ( and friendly ) place to evaluate your options, contact My Life Couch today and let’s work towards your exciting future !


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