What are we Leaving Behind?

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As a mom , my thoughts of legacy are centered around my children, and it makes me think about what tools/skills I am nurturing for them. I want them to be first and foremost good people and outstanding citizens but that’s hard in part because I am raising my children for an environment I can’t really imagine today and for jobs/careers that may not exist yet. So how do I solve that little conundrum ? By being intentional .

The legacy I want to leave won’t create itself. I am clarifying exactly what I want it to be , and the tangible steps I am consistently taking to get there – Spoiler alert !This might be a rinse and repeat process some days ! –

This is behind EVERYTHING I do: My brand, how I present myself, how I show up , how I stand up for myself, causes and people. I want my children to not only know that everything they do makes a difference and has an impact , but also show them it’s up to them to chose WHERE that difference and impact are to be applied to.

I’ve found that thinking and planning my legacy helps me step out of the day-to-day grind and create some big picture perspective. Learning of other women’s legacies helps as well.

So your turn now. What are some specific things that describe the legacy you want to leave ?What are some specific things that describe your personal brand ? Ask your friends, family , coworker what they think when it comes to you . Is it aligned to your wishes ?

Remember, there might be an overlap between your brand and your legacy’s descriptions. Isn’t it neat to see how those complement and support each other?

Building your brand and creating your legacy is a journey, not a checklist. Give yourself the space to adjust your plan and actions as your grow and evolve. And that flexibility and self love may become a beautiful part of your legacy !


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