Why Should You Not Dismiss Mentioning Being A Mom On Your Resume

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Our home and work lives have blended with our work lives thanks to the pandemic, so it’s not unusual for children or pets to interrupt working parents and people are more understanding about it than ever before. I even heard of a woman who did an interview with her child napping on her shoulder and got the job!

Being prepared and then some more

Mothers are constantly thinking of a plan A, B, and C. Whether it’s grabbing some extra snacks and baby wipes before you go on a stroll in the park with the kids, or packing an extra suitcase full of clothes just in case your family goes anywhere further than 5 minutes – okay 10 minutes – away from home, moms can’t help but consider every possible scenario when it comes to their partner and kids so they are less likely to be caught off guard.

How does this translate to the workplace? It will depend on your own individual role. Gladys advises moms to always be ready to bribe their kids and make sure they are fed and entertained so you can have an hour-long zoom meeting without too many interruptions.

Having difficult conversations

Whether you’re playing referee between the kids and deciding who’s turn it is to watch a particular TV show or taking time to soothe an irate child, moms are not strangers when it comes to diffusing situations, solving conflicts, or just making overall tough decisions when it comes to raising their children. When it comes to the workplace, moms can use their sharpened conflict resolution skills to handle a difficult coworker and become the voice of calmness when the stress levels are high among coworkers.


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